Applications, and the news roundup.

I should go back to compiling notable feedback and comments from my coursework over the years and applying for jobs, but I felt like sharing the news articles I’ve come across today.


An update on the Muslim man who’s family wanted him to continue receiving life support – he’s apparently now responding to cues, indicating that he’s minimally conscious and not in a vegetative state. Flashback to my first placement!

Tiny nets could be used to clear out blood clots following a stroke. And someone please explain how there are procedures which involve pushing a wire up from the groin to the brain without causing damage along the way? Isn’t that a rather far distance to travel to get to a clot? Anyway, here is the important bit, taken from the news article (BBC, 26 August 2012):

Two similar devices were compared with the current coil methods. One trial of 113 patients showed 58% had good brain function after three months, compared with 33% of those treated with the coil method, as well as a lower death rate.

Another study in 178 patients showed almost double the chance of living independently after treatment.

Related is a surgeon’s opinion that people with some form of brain injury, such as stroke or traumatic, are not receiving enough post-injury physiotherapy, affecting their recovery and their quality of life. He says this is due to the slowly diminishing number of physiotherapists, occupational therapists and qualified nurses working within the NHS.

Children with neuroblastoma in the UK are seemingly missing out on a drug combination that has been shown to cut deaths by 25% because the NHS does not provide it, saying it is too experimental. The only way to access the drugs are through either participating in a European drug trial or raising money to go abroad (e.g. the USA) for treatment.

There is some concern over whether or not those carrying out fitness to work assessments for the Department for Work and Pensions (UK) are right for the job. Surely you should understand a problem if you’re assessing its impact on a person’s ability to work. This seems obvious to me.


Researchers at Princeton University (US) created a ‘video game’ to study the behaviour of predatory bluegill sunfish, observing how they respond to different patterns of red dots (representing prey) projected into the tanks. I’m just loving how virtual reality is spreading through the researching community, now being used to test animal behaviour and not just human behaviour.

All about wheelchairs

What it’s like to fly with a wheelchair.

Wheelchair-bound Iraqis turn to tennis for a new sense of purpose.


That should be enough, surely.

BAOT/COT’s tips for Twittering.

First off, I’ve already tried writing this post before, but it seemed to go missing when I pressed ‘Save Draft’. It was not in my drafts folder.

Anyway, BAOT/COT has devised some helpful tips for people to be in two places at once, one being the COT Conference between June 28 and July 1 in Brighton. It’s a shame I can’t go, as it looks very interesting. (Assisted suicide, anyone?) But alas, I have a driving test and a trip to Italy instead.

BAOT/COT has added a page to their website for those who need a little advice on taking advantage of Twitter. Basically, for those who cannot attend the conference, follow the hashtag #COT2011. If you can attend, share what you’re hearing/watching, but make sure you give the rest of us some context (i.e. speaker, topic, etc.).

BAOT/COT Twitter Tips


Yesterday was my last day of lectures for the academic year. Actually, it was my last day of lectures for the year, as come September 5th, I’ll be going straight to a three-month placement, lasting until December 9th. The last day of lectures involved terrifying us all with what is expected of us in this final placement as well as telling us how to prepare for job-hunting, which is what we’d be doing this time in a year!

This all means that today I technically started my summer holiday, but it doesn’t really feel like a holiday. For a start, I have so many projects I want to work on, from this and my online log of journal articles and books I’ve read, to learning HTML, Italian and knitting, to passing by driving test. Oh yeah, and Flan and I are on a special diet for my benefit for the month so I can lose some weight (half of which will probably be put back on when we go to Verona on June 30th). On top of all that, I also hope to do some more nursery work, as I have to buy birthday presents for both Flan and my brother this month, as well as get a bit of spending money together for Verona!

So expect some more blog posts and hopefully a link to my reading log site using Drupal Gardens!