What type of learner are you? @nancyrubin

What type of learner are you? « nancyrubin.

I’ve found a very interesting blog by Nancy Rubin, a specialist in online education, from what I can tell. She collects information from around the web, making herself an excellent curator of information on education, online education and the use of social media.

One of the interesting infographics she recently posted is on learning styles. My learning style is a mix of visual and kinesthetic, so I really do respond to infographics, particularly ones with lots of colour! (Actually, I do have a bit of read/write in there as well, responding well to writing out things to remember them.)

The original is from OnlineCollege.org.

BAOT/COT’s tips for Twittering.

First off, I’ve already tried writing this post before, but it seemed to go missing when I pressed ‘Save Draft’. It was not in my drafts folder.

Anyway, BAOT/COT has devised some helpful tips for people to be in two places at once, one being the COT Conference between June 28 and July 1 in Brighton. It’s a shame I can’t go, as it looks very interesting. (Assisted suicide, anyone?) But alas, I have a driving test and a trip to Italy instead.

BAOT/COT has added a page to their website for those who need a little advice on taking advantage of Twitter. Basically, for those who cannot attend the conference, follow the hashtag #COT2011. If you can attend, share what you’re hearing/watching, but make sure you give the rest of us some context (i.e. speaker, topic, etc.).

BAOT/COT Twitter Tips