‘Feeling Good: The new mood therapy’ – some notes

Just so you know, I’ve scheduled this post for the morning, but I’m writing this at 23:30 on the 22nd.

I’m reading ‘Feeling Good’ by David Burns (1999), a self-help book teaching cognitive therapy. In the book, Burns cites research that his book is as good as medication in treating depression, and if I weren’t writing this on my phone, I’d elaborate.

I’m reading it because it was recommended by users of the the popular website Reddit as one of the best self-help books around. My boyfriend bought it for me, thinking I’d find it interesting…he is so much better at buying gifts than I am!

On the first page of chapter one, Burns says that depression is an illness that can be overcome, which sounds to me like you can get rid of it if you can find the right treatment. Now, this is at odds with a lot that I’ve heard. I thought depression was something you can work to control so that it doesn’t control you, but it will always be there (depending on your personal version of depression).

Correct me if I’m wrong. I’m curious now. This may be something to check in the morning when I’m at a computer.