Day 3: Teenagers with mental health problems are still TEENAGERS.

I did well today. I’m seriously getting into the swing of things, such as the habit of dropping my ID to get my keys in the airlock, then attaching the keys and alarm in a single motion to my belt. Some of the girls are also starting to warm up to me already, which is fabulous.

But yes, I did well today, and one of the reasons I did well is because I told my practice educator (PE) exactly what she wanted to hear: the girls here are teenagers first, patients second. I love teenagers, and I’ve had plenty of experience supervising them and so on. (Plus, I’m still really a teenager myself at the age of 19.) My girls really are just teenagers, but with amplified teenage characteristics. I think my PE has had students and new staff come to the hospital with the idea that these girls aren’t really “people” – that they’re merely their mental health issue – so she was well impressed with me.

Also, I suggested something today while on a community leisure trip that she hadn’t thought of, and she said it was brilliant, so points for me!

However, she did send me home afterwards because I was a zombie and had massive purple bags under my eyes. (I blame the man in this house who got drunk after a bad day of work and tried making toasted cheese and ham sandwiches at midnight, setting off the fire alarm five times.)

So far, I’m loving this placement!