Busy, busy, busy! Oh, and I graduated.

It really has been a while, and I should have updated you all a lot sooner.

Shall I get straight to it?

Well, a few weeks ago, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that, despite my panic and feelings of total incompetence nearing the end of my degree, I passed. In fact, I passed with a 2:1, which is incredible given just how hopeless I felt! I then participated in my graduation ceremony on the 22nd of June, though I have yet to actually receive a certificate I can frame and place on the wall!

Unfortunately, it seems I may not get my HPC registration until August, as I forgot to get the head of the OT department to fill out my character reference before, and she won’t be in at the university until Tuesday, but I fly to South Africa on the day! My only idea is to leave it at the university and have Flan pick it up and send off my registration for me when he gets back from SA towards the end of July. I should have planned this better, but unfortunately I was working every day until Wednesday, and then I had to drive to Wales (where I am now) for Flan’s father’s wedding (in a beautiful little hilltop chapel).

In fact, I’ve been working all week for the past six weeks, and I have only managed to have one weekend of peace, a whole month ago. Every weekend has been spent either in Surrey with one parent or another who has flown over from South Africa, or it has been spent here in Wales with Flan’s father and now-stepmother! I definitely need some relaxation time, and I’m hoping South Africa will offer that, despite the projects I have lined up (reading up on motivation theory and research) and a big semi-surprise party my family is planning for my 21st.

Watch this space for more on my exploration of both virtual reality therapy and motivation!

It’s the final countdown!

On th 17th of May, I will sit for my final exam. Just over a month later, I will stand up to receive my BSc(Hons) for Occupational Therapy. That’s at 10am on Friday, June 22nd, 2012. (Except I’ll be at more like 10:50am because I’m always at the end thanks to my last name.)

I will then be able to register with the HPC and actually BE an Occupational Therapist. I can’t believe it.

On Monday, I handed in my final essay of my degree. While the assignment wasn’t too interesting to write, and I’m sure my essay is particularly dull because I had to squeeze so much into a tiny number of words (2500), what I had to read was actually quite interesting. It involved reading about clinical governance, which I thought was rather common sense. Surely it’s natural to expect an individual, or a trust, to ensure that they are as good as they can be, and that they are always trying to improve. Although, this could simply be an assumption based on my natural inclination to keep working, keep learning, be the best.

In the first week of May, we’re holding a ‘conference’, in which each student has to present a skill they learned in an advanced workshop they chose. From the three workshops I chose to attend – postural management, learning disabilities and assistive technology – I decided to do my presentation on assistive technology. No surprise there! Specifically, I chose to do mine on Environmental Control Units instead of Telecare because, while they’re both pretty nifty, I was like a child at Disneyland while we learned about the ECUs.

What’s both scary and absolutely amazing, though, is that only one other person chose to present on ECUs, which means that, as the cohort will be split between two rooms, I will be the only one presenting on ECUs in my room. I will be the expert. The pressure is on, but I want to do an amazing presentation. I mean, I want to go into assistive technology, as technology is definitely my forte, so I need to pull this off. My presentation needs to be stellar, and I need to know the answer to any question they can throw at me, bearing in mind that it’s a fifteen minute presentation with five minutes for questions.

After that, I have nothing more to do until my exam, two weeks later. Except, of course, to go to a study day in London on assistive technology that @willwade has promised I will see the programme for this coming week. I guess he doesn’t understand just how impatiently excited I am!