Getting used to a new routine.

Sorry for not being around a lot lately. As you know, I’ve started a new part-time job while I look for occupational therapy ones in Oxfordshire. Despite being part-time, it still manages to exhaust me, but I guess that’s because I work afternoons/evenings, so it just speeds up the tiring process. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean I get to sleep in, as the Flan has to wake up at about 6am every morning. I work every Saturday and every other Sunday, so Thursdays and Fridays are my ‘weekend’. Sadly, these free mornings and odd days off aren’t the case for my friends, so I can’t enjoy my free time with the people I want to spend time with. However, on the plus side, this does give me plenty of productivity time, with exercise (Wii Fit), knitting (just got some new yarn), coding and studying.

Oddly enough, though, I’m about to go get on a bus for my workplace to pick up a few essential colder weather clothes that I ordered. It’ll be interesting being a customer on the other side of the desk.

Day 18: Whoosh.

Hello everyone. I went ice skating today! For free! Because I have an awesome placement that pays for activities like this done with the patients. I was going to go to the gym after work, but I decided the ice skating was enough, as I’m pretty knackered now. Plus, as usual, I have tons of work to do.

For anyone who’s interested, Flan sent me this link earlier today to a video about a free app for iPhones/Pods/Pads and Android phones. It’s called MyVoice and is a new communication aid for anyone with aphasia, autism, etc. I think it looks pretty awesome, but I’d have to look into it further.

Day 8: Baby Steps.

Again, today’s been up and down. I was in tears this morning before work. I’d rather not say why, as it’s personal, and it’ll seem insignificant and ridiculous to most people.

Things at work were a little better in that I got to do a few new things today. First, and this is pretty silly, I got to also make something in activity centre today rather than watching the girls do their arty things. I made a little card in the shape of a bird using different paper, and I’m going to send my mom her first Mother’s Day card! (It was never a big thing in my family.) I thought she’d like it, as it’s made with cherry blossom patterns and neutral tones, and it’ll remind her of the things she loved in Japan.

We were supposed to take one girl out to the park with some of the patients from other wards, but she refused. She wasn’t in the most obliging mood today. Instead, I was given the opportunity to take my first independent step – my PE let me do an initial interview. Granted, this girl has been on the ward for six weeks already, but she’d always refused to do it before. When my PE suggested it, she warned that the girl probably wouldn’t want to do it, but the girl was actually really eager to! My PE simply sat and watched, letting me ask the questions and take the notes. It was a bit embarrassing, I’ll admit, but I’m rather glad I managed to do it, and my PE was happy with how I’d led the session.

I’m also quite proud of myself for going to the gym induction I signed up for and exercising for 45 minutes. I did a little bit of running and some upper limb exercises. The gym is quite limited in things to use, and I’m more used to using dumbells and Swiss balls, which they didn’t have. However, I made do with what there was, and I know I’ll be sore tomorrow. I was a bit disappointed that I’d lost some of the flexibility I had a couple years ago when I was in Japan working out twice a week with a personal trainer, so I’ll be aiming to get that back. I used to be able to touch my nose to my knee with one leg straightened at a time, and now I can just about touch my toe with my fingertips, so you can see how much I’ve lost. Hopefully, I can slowly build up my tolerance for running, the weight settings of the machines and my flexibility over the next 8.5 weeks.

Baby steps to better work, better physical health and better mental health. That’s the way forward.