BAOT/COT’s tips for Twittering.

First off, I’ve already tried writing this post before, but it seemed to go missing when I pressed ‘Save Draft’. It was not in my drafts folder.

Anyway, BAOT/COT has devised some helpful tips for people to be in two places at once, one being the COT Conference between June 28 and July 1 in Brighton. It’s a shame I can’t go, as it looks very interesting. (Assisted suicide, anyone?) But alas, I have a driving test and a trip to Italy instead.

BAOT/COT has added a page to their website for those who need a little advice on taking advantage of Twitter. Basically, for those who cannot attend the conference, follow the hashtag #COT2011. If you can attend, share what you’re hearing/watching, but make sure you give the rest of us some context (i.e. speaker, topic, etc.).

BAOT/COT Twitter Tips