My final placement, a bittersweet ending.

Hi all,

I know I’ve taken a while to update. I finished my final placement over a week ago on the Friday, and it was a bittersweet ending.

  • Leaving my students without a proper goodbye, as the final day ended with the Christmas concert, so all the kids simply got off the stage and found their parents. BITTER
  • Finally having some time to relax and sleep and read and play computer games with my Flan and my brother. SWEET
  • The realisation that I now have to focus on my dissertation before the final term starts. BITTER
  • Having six weeks before the start of the final term. SWEET
  • The realisation that I now have only six months until I have to enter the ‘real’ world. BITTER
  • My supervisor confirming that I am, in fact, great with technology and should possibly pursue a career in assistive technology. SWEET
I’ve learned a lot over this placement – a lot about paediatrics, but even more about myself. In the second half, I had to really be honest with myself and work extra hard, and I think I made great personal gains. While I didn’t do as well as my perfectionist self would have liked when I initially began working at the school, I did much better than I expected. Paediatrics is tough! I’m quite proud to say I made it through the fourteen weeks.

Wow. Busy.

I don’t really know where to start. My days are so busy now, what with being able to finally get on the computer and write notes. The extra time I had the first two weeks at work that could be spent studying are now devoted to writing notes, but I come home in the afternoons/evenings too exhausted to study, or do anything really, so I feel I’m falling behind.

Luckily, my PE says I’m working on a B average already for my competencies, which is pretty good for Week 3 of 10. The only place I’m a bit lacking in is demonstrating my knowledge and understanding of mental health issues, which even I knew was terrible. Therefore, I finally found time to go to the medical library in the hospital grounds and sign up, asking the library assistant to give me a pile of relevant books. I’ve also bought myself the MOHO textbook, as MOHO is heavily used in this setting.

Anyway, now I need to watch a video on safeguarding children that I was supposed to watch ages ago.