Wow. Busy.

I don’t really know where to start. My days are so busy now, what with being able to finally get on the computer and write notes. The extra time I had the first two weeks at work that could be spent studying are now devoted to writing notes, but I come home in the afternoons/evenings too exhausted to study, or do anything really, so I feel I’m falling behind.

Luckily, my PE says I’m working on a B average already for my competencies, which is pretty good for Week 3 of 10. The only place I’m a bit lacking in is demonstrating my knowledge and understanding of mental health issues, which even I knew was terrible. Therefore, I finally found time to go to the medical library in the hospital grounds and sign up, asking the library assistant to give me a pile of relevant books. I’ve also bought myself the MOHO textbook, as MOHO is heavily used in this setting.

Anyway, now I need to watch a video on safeguarding children that I was supposed to watch ages ago.

I got locked in.

Well, yesterday was my last day of lectures/seminars until after placement, when I come back for two weeks to prepare for my next placement in September. It was also the deadline day for my critical appraisal, which was supposed to be in by noon.

So what does my door decided to do?

NOT UNLOCK. I even tried my flatmates’ keys.

Eventually, at around 11, after jiggling the handle, I broke free from the flat and ran up the road. While I managed to hand in my assignment on time, I missed my two lectures, including a mandatory one on Child Safeguarding. Luckily, it was recorded just in case, and I can watch it online…this weekend when I’m free from coursework.

Sometimes I wish I drank coffee

…and that caffeine didn’t have the magical ability to put me to sleep.

The next 24 hours look like this:

Now – 9am: finish critical appraisal

9:30am-12pm: EOPII lectures

1pm-4pm: EOPI seminar

4pm+: sleep!

I should be eating and working, but I didn’t want to miss a day of PostADay2011…