OT Rant #2: Positioning and Primitive Reflexes

This may not exactly be a rant, but I need to complete a few “key objectives” for tomorrow’s EOPII seminar on position and mobility for children with physical disabilities. The pre-reading was this sub-module from a Northern Arizona University course, Positioning and Mobility, and all answers are in the material. I take no credit for this information; I am merely regurgitating it to facilitate its absorption into my memory “frames” [see OT Rant #1].

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PostADay or PostAWeek?

Ok guys, I’ve decided that, to facilitate my studying and reflection, I should post regularly. I want to say I can post every day, but that’s not realistically possible for me…unless I set a timer or something I suppose. So, I will try this the OT way and set myself a SMART goal. If, by the review date, I have not managed to post 6/7 days a week, I will switch to PostAWeek.

My superSMART goal:

Munchkn will publish a blog post every day over the next two weeks.

OT Rant #1: Types of Clinical Reasoning

I’m currently working on my presentation summary for the only assessment I have for EOPI (Psychosocial). Technically, this summary is due in in Week 4 (starting Feb. 21), but my presentation is on Tuesday morning, and I’ll be more prepared if I’ve finished the summary. Plus, then I’ll have less work to do for the summary and can concentrate on the EOPII (Physical) assignment.

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