Putting Touchnote to good use.

Thanks to Samsung, this month you can send free postcards, as many as you want. I’ve even sent one to myself here in South Africa.

Touchnote | Instantly send a photo as printed postcard.

Now, if you want to do something really special with this information, then you should hear about Post Pals.

The purpose of Post Pals is to put smiles on the faces of sick children and their families. You’ll find on the site a list of children with various conditions who haven’t been as lucky as you and me. You’ll also find postal addresses for these children, so that you can send a funny joke, a beautiful postcard or even a small gift such as a colouring book.

So why not send them a postcard using Touchnote? You can’t say that you can’t afford to send each and every one of them a postcard this month!

So what do you think?