Reviewing basic child development using Evernote Peek.

In preparation for my first day of volunteering on Thursday, I’m spending this afternoon reviewing child development (milestones, normal behaviour, etc.), while also putting Evernote’s iPad studying app, Evernote Peek, to the test.

Last year, I bought ‘Child development: An illustrated guide – 2nd Edition (Birth to 16 years)‘ by Carolyn Meggitt (Amazon US). A third edition was recently published (June 15, 2012) covering up to 19 years, but the two UK reviewers have both said that while the content is good, the publishers messed up the printing, and the sheer volume of printing errors is distracting. Therefore, I’ll be sticking with my 2nd edition for the time being!

A brief overview of how to use Evernote Peek as a study tool.

My strategy is to go through each chapter and create questions covering everything important. To do this, I’ve created a notebook in Evernote titled ‘Child Development’. Each question will be a new note, with the question in the subject line and the answer and any supporting information in the body. Once finished, I can then download the notebook into Evernote Peek and go through the questions. Any answers I get correct, I can mark as such. Any I get incorrect, again, I mark as wrong. Once I’ve gone through all the questions, I can choose to review the notebook again as a whole, or review only the incorrect answers. Ultimately, the goal is to get all questions correct.

Here are a few photos to show you! Bear in mind that these are screenshots using the virtual Smart Cover if you don’t have one.

What I like about Evernote Peek.

  • You can have pictures in the answer section.
  • If you don’t have a real Smart Cover, you can use a virtual cover.
  • You can re-download notebooks if you make a change to the questions or answers. Simply hold down on the notebook and wait for the options of ‘Delete Notebook’ and ‘Re-Download’ to appear.
  • It’s a paperless way to make flashcards in a rather sleek format.

What I don’t like about Evernote Peek.

  • Questions or clues need to be short enough to fit on one line in a fairly large font. I don’t understand why they can’t fit two lines in there if necessary in a smaller font, as like I said, the font is fairly large.
  • You need to do the questions and answers in a separate application, which is ok if you already have the notebook set up. However, if you want to create a new notebook (new set of questions), you’ll need to use the Evernote web application or desktop applications on your computer.
  • The application is only available on the iPad, thought I’m sure they could do something similar with the virtual cover on other devices, tablet or smartphone.


So what do you think?