Yesterday was my last day of lectures for the academic year. Actually, it was my last day of lectures for the year, as come September 5th, I’ll be going straight to a three-month placement, lasting until December 9th. The last day of lectures involved terrifying us all with what is expected of us in this final placement as well as telling us how to prepare for job-hunting, which is what we’d be doing this time in a year!

This all means that today I technically started my summer holiday, but it doesn’t really feel like a holiday. For a start, I have so many projects I want to work on, from this and my online log of journal articles and books I’ve read, to learning HTML, Italian and knitting, to passing by driving test. Oh yeah, and Flan and I are on a special diet for my benefit for the month so I can lose some weight (half of which will probably be put back on when we go to Verona on June 30th). On top of all that, I also hope to do some more nursery work, as I have to buy birthday presents for both Flan and my brother this month, as well as get a bit of spending money together for Verona!

So expect some more blog posts and hopefully a link to my reading log site using Drupal Gardens!

So what do you think?