My OT brain is already working its way into my non-OT job.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m working temporarily at a school. The school is trying to implement a new Care Form, and I’m currently transferring information from photocopied Health Questionnaires – filled out illegibly by hand by non-English speakers – to a temporary online database until the school can develop the form. I like efficiency and having the right boxes for the right information, and the current temporary database is seriously confusing.

So it’s only natural that I started thinking of how I would design the form. In fact, I’ve already told the headmaster that I’m considering it, and he’s willing to sit down with me.

What’s the source of my ideas? CMOP! While transferring the information, I couldn’t help but think that I could far more easily put it under CMOP headings than the current database headings. Every student is turning into my own little case study in my head. I wonder if I, a lowly new temporary administrator/magical printer fixer, can teach the staff about CMOP and we can all help the students achieve maximum occupational engagement? I have to admit, the idea excites me, though I know it’s not likely.