So why “munchkin”?

Munchkins are cats with shorter legs. It’s a hereditary trait, and unlike with Scottish folds, it does not come with a set of health problems. Munchkins can do everything a normal cat can do.¬†They just happen to look much cuter doing it!

Munchkin kitten!
A munchkin kitten.

But why have I taken this name to heart?

Because I like differences, and munchkins represent ‘differentness’ in an absolutely adorable way. Just because munchkins don’t match our idea of a ‘normal’ cat, doesn’t mean they can’t do things that ‘normal’ cats can.

A dancing munchkin!

Other cute animals that are slightly atypical and therefore dear to me are:

Scottish folds.

The Job Hunt.

I know I only graduate in June, but I’ve been given advice by numerous people saying to start looking early. I’ve just registered with NHS Jobs, despite my doubts about working for the NHS. In this economy, with few jobs available to new grads, you need to look everywhere.

The thing is, I don’t even know what I’m looking for. Sure, I’ll probably have to start out in some generic role, but I’m wondering what path I should try to take with my career. What will be the best match for me? What will make the best use of my skills? In what position will I not lose my soul?

If there are any OT students out there reading this, have you started thinking about this?

And for those who already work, do you have any pointers to add?


I’ve just added a page where I want to list all the places to look for OT jobs. Please help me add to it!!!

The Juggling Act. Edited.

I wrote a post a couple of hours ago that was very emotional in nature. My darling Flan was quick to warn me that it might be misread and that, now that one of my lecturers knows who I am, it might reflect poorly on me professionally. I have since made it private, as I don’t want to simply delete the post. It was a very helpful exercise for me, and I experienced a burst of productivity after posting it. I should use the private post feature more often!

The gist of the post was that I’m currently very stressed due to problems at home that are impacting on my occupational performance within my OT student on placement role. However, I need to keep pushing through until December 9th, when placement is officially over and I can relax for a bit (before sinking my teeth into my dissertation).