They’re letting me loose on the roads.

Please excuse my recent absence (again). I was rather overwhelmed and constantly exhausted on a daily basis up until, well, yesterday really. This is because I was having daily driving lessons (up to four hours a day) PLUS extensive hours of practice because Flan is a slave driver.


It all paid off in the end. As of 10:55am on Wednesday, June 29th, 2011, I can officially drive by myself. Not that I want to, as driving is not only not fun, it’s still very, very scary. And stressful.

All that practice seems to have taken its toll on my body though. I apparently inherited my dad’s family’s wonky skeleton, as my back hurt while driving, and my right knee went crazy. The joint hurt after only half an hour of driving in every stint, which means that, with two hours straight of driving in every stint, I spent a considerable number of hours in pain.

I can’t quite believe I’ve passed. It’s rather surreal for the battle to be over. It’s been a long one, too, as I’ve been trying to get a driver’s licence for years, but living in Japan and trying to get one within two months each summer holiday in South Africa didn’t work well. (In SA, you have to go to the test centre in person to book your test, and you usually have to book several months in advance, so we could never book a test within the time we were down there.)

I don’t feel like I should be allowed to drive on my own yet, though. I still need guidance at times, and constant reassurance and encouragement. I’m a very cautious driver – overly so. I’m surprised I only got one minor for undue hesitation. I also hate roundabouts. I have to force myself to move off quickly. I actually got two minors for turning right on roundabouts, as apparently, in my fearful haste, I have a tendency to veer ever so slightly to the left.

Yes, you can be scared of driving near me if it means you’ll stay far, far back from me. I’m fairly claustrophobic whilst driving.

Anyway, as it is late here in Verona (more on that later), I shall be off to bed! Good night!