Oh, the dreaded “what inspires you” theme.

Tomorrow, I have to start another week of full-day seminars. So far, the general consensus amongst the students has been that what we have learned in the seminars we already learned far better on placement, and that the lecturers have a tendency to stretch material more suited for an hour into three hours of chatter.

The theme for tomorrow is titled “Furthering your professional development”. We were instructed to prepare two things beforehand:

  1. Consider what you’ve learned in the past week and how it could be presented on a poster. (In groups, we’ll make said posters.)
  2. Think of something that inspired you on placement that you can talk about for five minutes. That’s right, five minutes of talking to a group of people about something I can’t think of. Oh, and I’ll have to answer questions. Now, I’m not saying I wasn’t inspired during my ten weeks at the hospital. What I mean is that I was inspired to work with adolescents and I now have a greater understanding/respect for mental health OT, but I can’t think of a specific occupational therapy practice that was inspiring or innovative or exemplary. Everything, on the whole, was amazing, but very little seemed to be structured or evidence-based or new to me. So, I shall probably end up talking about Animal-Assisted Therapy, as that’s one thing I sort of witnessed at the hospital, and it’s what I ended up writing about in my case study’s evidence-base section.

At least tomorrow’s session ends at 15:30.

Otherwise, look forward to some videos and whatnot that I watched in a seminar from last week on Safeguarding Adults. I personally believe everyone, not just healthcare workers, should be introduced to the issue.

Also, tomorrow is the day Flan and I start our awesomely awesome health month. More on that tomorrow as well…hopefully…

I’m coming back! And a bunny for your amusement.

Day 33/46: Generally Pleasant.

Today I realised that we now only have five of the ten beds on the ward filled. That’s because we discharged a girl last week, and we sent three more packing today to try out new places. Finally, my case study subject is off for the next week with her mom, who’s flown all the way from the Middle East.

So what happened today… Hmm…

Well, usually we have ward round on Mondays, but as yesterday was a bank holiday, we did it today instead. My PE wanted me to feedback to each of the patients on how they’d been from an OT perspective over the past week, and I gave fairly positive feedback for each of them. It certainly was a nice change. That finished before lunchtime (for a change), and so I went to tell the other OT about the ward round.

Then lunch, which I ate by myself in the staff lounge, what with my PE and her line manager having a very serious discussion in the OT office with the door closed.

I was supposed to have an animal care session after lunch, but the patient refused, resorting to profanities to get rid of me, so I killed a bit of time before heading for a student support meeting at 2pm. I must say I’m rather glad I went, as most people didn’t show up, and the few who did were rather entertaining. I also met one of the Northampton Uni. OT students, who enlightened me on hippotherapy (using horses) and the possibility of doing my third placement in South Africa, which would be amazing, especially if I could do it in George and live in my family’s summer home.

Finally, I did some baking with the patients without kitchen access, as they could prepare the batter in the dining room. I was quite surprised that the one girl attended, what with her difficult behaviour and disordered eating. Alas, she did not eat any of the delicious chocolate chip cupcakes.

So there, I promised an update, and I delivered. Go me!