Day 6: 10 hours and 45 minutes.

That’s how long I was in there for. Pardon me, but I am tired.

Not much interesting to report, as I was in ward rounds and a meeting most of the day. The ward rounds are a weekly thing and basically consist of the multidisciplinary team (MDT; doctor, social worker, OT, psychologist, nurse, etc) bringing each patient in one by one to discuss the previous week, any concerns the MDT might have and any requests from the patient. One patient stood out from the rest – they came in with scratches all over their arms and face. Apparently, they’d gotten hold of some glass. It was pretty scary… The meeting was a monthly adolescent services OT meeting, so everyone at the hospital working with teens came.

In the evening, my PE and I took the only patient I hadn’t met yet out for dinner, which was…interesting…

But yawn. I must sleep soon. I’m exhausted!