My Own Domain!

I must admit that this has been both tedious to orchestrate and, well, amazingly fun.
Hopefully you’ve all found your way here from my previous post, which said something like this:

I purchased the domain before I set up this wordpress because I happen to be dating a web designer/network specialist/all other sorts of geekiness, and he thought it would be cool if I learned his business. So not only will that be my blog domain, it’ll also be where I experiment. Don’t be alarmed if weird things happen. I’ll try to keep the blog under control…mostly.

Ok, it said exactly that.

Now some things are different with They didn’t have the Bueno theme, so I had to find a new one and munchify it. Also, I had to work out how to see site stats, and I couldn’t be bothered to make a whole new set of links for my blogroll.

So I cheated. I used a plugin that takes a folder from my Google Reader account and lists the blogs I’m following. I’ve also added a new page for it.

Lastly, if you want to contact me, I’ve updated ‘Munchkn.‘ with my email address!

Something short. And hairy.

how? why?


Komondors are scary, scary dogs.

They look like mops.

Or Cousin It with dreadlocks.

I may love dogs, but I never want this one.

It would scare me.

Although, I suppose I could get it to do some cleaning…

Now that my ‘term’ is technically over…

This weekend I’ll be relaxing, catching up on TV shows, reading (for fun!) and properly hanging out with my best friend for the first time in months eons.

I also have two big projects lined up for this weekend:

  1. Write proper blog posts to explain my situation, as well as respond to thumble’s nomination (more on this later).
  2. Move this blog over to my experimental domain. An explanation about my domain will also hopefully be included in this weekend’s updates.

Good night! I can actually sleep in for once!