The uncertain nature of ‘the future’.

To everyone who may have any interest in this blog still. You may have noticed it’s gone quiet. I’ll admit it has lost its original purpose, which was (once upon a time) to store my reflections while studying occupational therapy. I graduated three years ago (WOW), and since then, I’ve gone in a different direction.

I now work in IT for an online education company, and I don’t actually know where I’m headed from here. The older I get, the more I realise that I still don’t know exactly who I am and where I belong. Also, life doesn’t go as planned. At the age of 16, I thought I was going to become an OT. Then I graduated and had no clue what I was going to do, falling into first a customer service desk job at M&S, then a technical support call centre for a small software company. I didn’t intend to go into IT. I never thought for a second when I was younger that that’s where I’d end up.

I want to actually take this site down or make it private, as I’m not sure what to do with it now. However, I still get quite a lot of hits to it from Google searches; it seems my OT resources are quite popular, and I don’t want to deprive students of anything that could help them understand MOHO better.

So I’ll leave my site up for you students out there who like my diagrams and explanations, at least until I think of a better place to put them where you can find them. Who knows, maybe I’ll find a use for this blog down the line? Or maybe any followers I might still have from Ye Olden Times might have some ideas on how I can breathe life into this place again? Do you want to read about the life of an almost-24-year-old who is realising she has no idea what’s going on?

It seems I have no willpower.

I caved and bought Desk PM even though I really don’t have the money to spend. It’s Christmas time, a dangerous time for me given my propensity to blow my set budgets for people’s presents. And then I went and spent £20.99 on a tool that I really shouldn’t have purchased now. Hopefully it’ll encourage me to blog more now that it’s so easy.


So here’s my confession and test post using Desk PM. Fingers crossed it works.

I have been trying to write this blog post for a month.

One of my challenges was to write a blog post every month. I fully intended to do this, which is why I went to my computer in the last week of February every day with the aim of writing a post. I then got distracted, or I couldn’t decide what to write about. For the past month, I’ve been coming up with ideas whilst falling asleep, in the shower or driving to work. They never made their way onto a piece of paper or a computer screen. I find this with a lot of things that I don’t deem as ‘necessary’.

However, I now wonder what I deem necessary. Doing laundry – yes. Making dinner – yes. Doing a little bit of extra work at home on the weekend to keep on top of things – sadly, this seems to come up as a yes a lot too. But many of the things I enjoy get pushed aside because they’re not productive enough. I’ve made barely any progress with the sketchbook (a couple pages), and I haven’t done any swatches for the knitting (though I am knitting a cowl for a colleague in a new stitch – the honeycomb).

Which is why my goal for the Immunity to Change course is to learn how to relax. If there’s anything important to you that you’d like to change about yourself (such as learning how to not procrastinate…), feel free to try out this little experiment with me.

I’m now going to go and be frivolous (i.e. play a computer game with my boyfriend). I don’t do this enough!