A dream come true!

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be working for an online education company. As you can imagine, I am massively excited! I’d previously put working for such a company in the same category of likelihood as working for Google.  I especially didn’t think I’d get the chance this early in my career and without moving to another city or country. This was an opportunity I’d thought I could only dream about.

I’ll be doing tech support, but I’ll also be absorbing as much information on the other side of online education as I can. I’ve been taking online classes since leaving university, and now I get this amazing chance to see what it’s like to develop and deliver courses to global students.

So wish me luck for tomorrow! I’ve got a pretty bad case of Imposter Syndrome to overcome…

My SQL query structure guide.

Back when I started to really sink my teeth into SQL at work, I made this guide for myself to illustrate how various terms could be used. I’m sure there are more terms, but these are the ones I use in my own work, bearing in mind that I’m not a database administrator or anything. I recently shared this guide with my colleagues at work, and now I’d like to share it with the internet. I’ve embedded it as a PDF, with a link below if you’d like to download it for your own reference.

Download SQL-Structure.pdf (PDF, 60KB)

If you have any suggestions or additions, please do let me know in the comments!



Overdosing on sunshine in South Africa.

It’s 29ºC, and I’m sitting outside on the tiles of the patio, my legs lying across the grass. It’s Autumn here in the Western Cape of South Africa, but my week so far has been beautiful. Last week started out a bit chilly, with some wind and rain, but it’s turned sunny and warm since. I really don’t want to leave!

Until yesterday, I couldn’t remember the last time I’d worn shorts and walked around barefoot, inside and out. There’s something almost relieving about feeling the ground beneath your feet and letting spiders criss-cross your legs. (For the record, I had to keep myself from panicking the first time.) It’s just so relaxing here, and I’ve really needed this time and space and freedom. It probably helps that the weather is lovely and my family has a garden with lots of grass, trees, bushes and colourful flowers to wander around and look at. Also, having a hunting cat allows for many life-saving opportunities. (I distracted my cat long enough to let a de-tailed lizard run away.) The only downside to all this is the number of mosquito bites I’ve accumulated! I don’t count the sunburn, as it was about time I got some colour…

Towards my goals, I’ve had time to knit, read and study. I’ve already finished a course on nutrition, and I’m making my way through several others in the domain of computer science, psychology and business. Yesterday, I took a barefoot walk on the beach, ice cream in hand. I’ve basically allowed myself to gain some of the weight I’ve lost, as how else can I fit in all the wonderful food here into just under two weeks? I can go back to the monotony of canned soup, chicken breasts, salad and Oatsosimple next week!